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  • Daniel Gouvion

Why Artisan Glass & Design is the Top Glazing Contractor in Southern California.

Updated: Nov 13, 2020

What makes Artisan Glass & Design the top glazing contractor in Southern California is a company-wide belief for quality, craftsmanship, and integrity in everything we do paired with the best office and field teams in the industry.

Led by 30+ year industry veterans Bob King and Danny Gouvion, Artisan Glass & Design has become one of the fastest-growing glazing companies in Southern California while maintaining their commitment to quality, craftsmanship, and integrity on each project.

Some of the unique differences that set Artisan Glass & Design apart from the rest:

- We use cutting edge estimating software to ensure the most accurate pricing.

- Between our in house and outsourced team of CAD engineers, we ensure maximum accuracy and design feasibility for your project.

- We make quick responses and attentiveness to our clients a top priority.

- We offer competitive pricing paired with the best premium service in the industry.

- Our in house team of expert fabricators can design and create just about any custom design or modification.

- Our team of expert installers are able to diagnose unexpected design flaws and find solutions in order to ensure the finished product looks and performs best.

- We've set the standard in the industry for quality, craftsmanship, and customer service.

Multi Family Storefront Glazing
The Platinum Triangle Apts
Glazing Storefront
The Royce Apartments
Glass Railing
Whole Foods Façade

To see our completed projects check out our full gallery here.

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