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  • Daniel Gouvion

How To Fix A Rubbing Storefront Door (4 Easy Ways)

A rubbing storefront door can be a problem, and having to call a specialist is sometimes a bigger hassle than fixing the door itself. So before you call a specialist try these quick and easy fixes.

1. (Rubbing on Top/Bottom) Adjust the set screw on top of the door.

On top of every storefront door there is a single screw that allows you to adjust the position of the door slightly up or down. To raise the door tighten the screw clockwise. To drop the door loosen the screw by turning counterclockwise. (*Warning Use a hand screwdriver and slowly tighten the screw as extreme overtightening can sometimes break the glass.)

2. (Rubbing on Bottom) Tighten screws on the threshold

A threshold as shown in the picture below typically comes with 3 to 5 screws which can become loose over time and allow the threshold to rise up and rub the bottom of the door. To fix simply tighten any loose screws until the threshold sits tight to the floor.

3. (Rubbing on Bottom) Fix bends in threshold with hammer or mallet

Over time thresholds can become bent/warped causing the bottom of the door to rub on it. To fix a bent or warped threshold it's best to use a rubber mallet to strike the warped portion to force it down flat again.

(*Thresholds are meant to waterproof doorways so If your threshold is severely damaged or warped it's best to have a new one installed with the proper installation and sealant.)

4. (Double Doors* Rubbing in the Middle) Fix double doors rubbing in the middle with a block of wood or plastic

Double doors can rub in the middle for a few reasons; it can be due to faulty installation, aluminum swelling in the heat, or even earthquakes. To fix place a block of plastic or wood (about 1 - 2in" thick) between doors as they are closing and force the door fully closed with the bock still in the middle. This will force the doors to spread open with a wider gap in the middle. (*This is typically not permanent but will fix minor rubbing)

If these solutions don't fix your door rubbing problem it's best to call a door specialist out to diagnose the problem.

Artisan Glass & Design has been the leading Southern California specialist for storefront doors and glazing for over 35 years. To see some of our projects or to contact us visit our website here.

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