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  • Daniel Gouvion

5 Costly Mistakes General Contractors Make With Their Glazing Scope

Updated: Mar 23, 2021

With our 35+ years of experience in the glazing industry, we've observed 5 common mistakes General Contractors make that cause unnecessary expenses.

1. Incomplete Plans & Specs - One of the biggest mistakes that we see is incomplete plans and specs from the architect. This causes numerous future change orders and adds major expenses to the overall job costs.

2. Title 24 Overkill on Glass - When it comes to staying title 24 compliant with your glazing system it's important to know the exact specs needed to meet your job requirements. Unfortunately, it's very common for architects and general contractors to specify glass that is overkill for Title 24 requirements causing unnecessary expenses. Some easy solutions are to check online with the glass manufacturer or to call your glazing sub and ask for the best options with your specific project.

3. Structural Framing Overkill - Just like with the Title 24 glass overkill there is also a common mistake of General Contractors choosing framing systems that are structurally overkill. This results in a significantly more expensive project. We Recommend you contact your glazing sub in regards to options and solutions for your specific project needs.

4. Verifying Fenestration Waterproofing - On many projects, the fenestration waterproofing responsibilities are forgotten resulting in delays to your projects. This is due to the assumption that one of the trades will automatically pick it up, which in many cases does not happen.

5. Poor Scheduling/Communication - A common problem everywhere but another way that costs General Contractors money on jobs. Poor communication/scheduling causes delays in ordering resulting in delays in installation as well as an increased chance of hardware being out of stock. By communicating with your Glazing sub on what they need in order to start the measuring/ordering process they are able to significantly reduce the time until installation.


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