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Artisan Glass & Design is a premiere architectural glass railing and glass wall design firm in Southern California. We work closely with architects, contractors, and property owners building and installing custom glass railings, guardrails, glass balconies, and glass walls to your specifications.

Glass handrails, guardrails, and glass balconies add the safety features your building needs while allowing for crystal clear views. A glass wall can also serve as a windscreen or sound wall, allowing for a more enjoyable outdoor environment.

In addition to their functional purposes, glass balconies and railings can also be highly decorative. Whether you want an architectural glass railing that matches the contours of your building, an etched railing side, or a glass wall with a playful splash of color, we bring your vision to life.

Glass Railing Design

Not sure what type of glass wall is right for your building? That’s where our design team comes in. We’ll visit your site, ask questions, and brainstorm ideas before presenting you with several creative architectural glass railing and wall designs. We then incorporate your input to create an impressive final design before manufacturing the glasswork and installing it. All work is performed in-house by talented artisans skilled in the art of glazing. We design, manufacture, and install the entire glass wall and handrails system. We do not use subcontractors.

If you’re picky about what goes into your architectural designs, you’ll appreciate working with Artisan Glass & Design. We’re perfectionists who approach each job with passion and gusto. Contact us today to learn more about our architectural glass railing service.

Custom Glass Railing Service

We offer a variety of custom glass railing services including:

          • Glass handrails, guardrails, and side rails

          • Glass pool enclosures

          • Glass balconies

          • Glass room dividers

          • Glass barriers

          • Glass walls

          • Etched glass railings

          • Full design service

          • Glass railing installation

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